Shuttle X50 V2 All in One PC

The Shuttle X50 V2 is available and we added it to our website.

The new X50 V2 features the Intel Atom D510 Dual Core (Pinetrail) processor, up to 4GB DDR2 So-Dimm memory, Touch Screen, 4 USB ports, Card Reader, Web Cam/Mic. It has the integrated Intel GMA 3150 with a 400MHz core and 1366×768 display.

This is a “Fanless” build that uses the heat sink and thermal pads to keep it cool. So this PC is super quiet and dust-free. Plus, with an Energy Star 5.0 qualified power adapter, its even easy on your electric bill, drawing a mere 40 watts of power.

10 Responses to Shuttle X50 V2 All in One PC

  1. Do you happen to have any extra information about the webcam on the X50V2? I have Linux Mint installed but the camera isn’t recognised and I’m having trouble determining what it is, any extra information would be appreciated.

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