Shuttle SX58J3 Hackintosh

Installing Mac OS X Snow Leopard on the SX58J3 is going to be a problem due to the Ethernet driver not being available at this time. The J3 uses the Marvell 8057 Ethernet controller, which I haven’t been able to locate a driver for. You can install Snow Leopard using the same iBoot and Multibeast as with the SH55J2.
(Note: Don’t use the same Multibeast options in the screen shot I posted for the SH55J2)
An alternative would be to temporarily install a compatible PCI Ethernet card in the J3, until the driver becomes available.
The J3 uses a different Audio controller also, the Realtek ALC662. I’ll find the driver for it and post it here.


8 Responses to Shuttle SX58J3 Hackintosh

  1. jeffpotter says:

    MultiBeast 3.5 Update- Now supporting the Marvell Yukon-88E8056 and Yukon-88E8057 ethernet controllers.

    I’m on a Shuttle SX58J3 with SL 10.6.7. I’m using a DLink PCIe wifi – OOB SL sees it as Airport Express. Everything else working fine

    • cinlortech says:

      Sweet! Thanks for the update Jeff. You didn’t mention the Realtek ALC662 audio driver, was that supported in the new MultiBeast also or is there a separate driver available now?

  2. Daniel M. Ramos says:

    I was wondering if you had considered an alternative to the SX58J3?

    I was looking at the specs to the predecessor of the J3, namely the SX58H7. It seems to me that the SX58H7 would make a better choice for an X58 shuttle hackintosh than the J3. The SX58H7 utilizes the RTL8111C ethernet controller. As you are well aware the kext for that controller has been available for quite some time now and the success rate has been good. In fact, other than the (1) UltraDMA 133 channel master from JMicron JMB368 and the ethernet controller I do not see why the SX58H7 isn’t a better box. If you have access to an SX58H7 would you please try installing snow leopard.


    • cinlortech says:

      You are right about the H7, I have read about more successes with that model.
      Only problem is I don’t think the H7 is available anymore. I don’t have one to do a test on.
      I will check direct with Shuttle to see if any are still available and let you know.

    • cinlortech says:

      Daniel – I checked with Shuttle and the H7 model is no longer available. You still might be able
      to find it with some resellers, but all my distributors are sold out.
      They do have a new model SX58 HX Pro which will be coming out in April, I posted the
      info they would give me about it. Not sure yet, what brands are being used on the motherboard.
      I’ll post when they release that information.

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