Update on the Shuttle SX58J3 Hackintosh

The new MultiBeast 3.5 now has support for the Marvel 8057 Ethernet controller that this model uses.
One of our readers has successfully installed Mac OS x Snow Leopard 10.6.7 on his SX58J3 and pointed out to me that the Audio is the Realtek ALC888 and not the ALC662 as I previously stated. So, the Audio driver for the Realtek ALC888 is readily available and I put a link to it in the post with the new MultiBeast download link for the SH67H3.


12 Responses to Update on the Shuttle SX58J3 Hackintosh

  1. Jeffrey Potter says:

    No, as I don’t currently have a wired LAN. WIFI only via DLink PCIe 556, hence I have not tried to get Ethernet up. However, I am seeing some competition for that second PCIe slot due to a need for a Firewire card. If the Marvel 8057 doesn’t get sorted out before then, I will pick up an Apple USB Ethernet Adapter, apparently a robust, very fast, and inexpensive way to get past this particular hurdle.

    • cinlortech says:

      Sorry, I assumed you had both set up. You know I think that there is an internal wifi connector in the Shuttles that doesn’t use the PCIe slot. Let me check with them on which models that’s in. Of course, it has to be compatible with SL. I’ll let you know what I find out.

    • cinlortech says:

      Jeffrey – The J Series models will take an internal USB WiFi module. The Habney HB-RT2870, Chipset is RaLink RT2870
      not sure if there is a kext for this, it does have a Linux driver. If there is a driver, it would free up the PCIe slot.

      • Jeffrey Potter says:

        Awesome… This will be useful if I get on with the Firewire install. My initial net solution was a Linksys WUSB54GC. It worked well with the updated RaLink OS X drivers. However, I was annoyed that the Ralink utility must be launched to initialize it, and that it was limited to wifi-g. I wanted a more transparent solution and nailed it with the DLink. … I’ll look for an internal USB Wifi like the Habney that uses Broadcom or Atheros chips. Thanks!

      • cinlortech says:

        Glad we could help, the Habney is the one Shuttle recommends but I’m sure any would work. Hope you find the one you want. Let us know what you get to work.

  2. Daniel says:

    Would you please post where it shows that Multibeast 3.5 supports the Marvel 8057 ethernet controller? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks.

  3. Daniel says:

    Wow, that is really great. I had not noticed that detail in the specs for MultiBeast 3.5. I guess I will have to take a second look at it. Could you point out where it is the successful install you mentioned is posted? I would like to read about in more detail if possible. BTW, would there be any advantage to choosing an SX58J3 build instead of an SH67H3 build besides the additional fast expansion slot from a practical hackintosh standpoint?

    • cinlortech says:

      Hey Daniel – I didn’t see that mentioned either in the specs for the 3.5 upgrade. You can read Jeff Potter’s comments under the Shuttle SX58J3 Hackintosh post. The choice between the H3 and the J3 is definitely up to each individual and uses. But,
      the new H3 also has the new 6.0GB/s SATA connectors for the new faster transfer rate Hard Drives and gives you USB 3.0 ports. Also, the H3 will be less expensive than the J3, just to mention a few things.

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