Need a Productivity Suite on your Hackintosh?

If you use your Hackintosh for work or business, you can install a FREE Productivity Suite that is compatible with MS Office. Some of you might already know about it, it’s called “OpenOffice Productivity Suite”. There is a version for all platforms including Mac OSx. It includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database and a few other useful apps. You can save your files in .doc, .xls, .ppt, etc. formats to make it compatible with MS Office. It will also open files created in MS Office.

You can download it from here.

2 Responses to Need a Productivity Suite on your Hackintosh?

  1. Hello Guys,

    I have a Shuttle PC SX58H7. I have managed to install Lion OS X 10.7.2. I used Voodoo to get sound working but am facing the following problems:

    1) Very often the HD will start working and it won’t stop for a long time, making the computer really slow (to a crawl sometimes). I have done research and apparently many of the issues could be solved with a DSDT, but I cannot find one for my Shuttle.

    2) I am new at this and am not sure how to install the DSDT, should some one point me to it.

    Your help is very appreciated, since I am very happy with the machine but it is unusable when it crawls.

    Thanks a million.


    • cinlortech says:

      There is an AMI BIOS dsdt out there for the SH67H3, I am going to check it out myself before I recommend it.
      When you mentioned the “HD” do you mean the hard drive or the high def?
      Are you getting any kernel panics?
      How did you install Lion? Did you use the EasyBeast?
      What settings did you use in MultiBeast?
      If you could supply more info. it would make it easier to help.

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