Shuttle XH61 Hackintosh with Snow Leopard

NEW! The Shuttle XH61 has an “Overclocking” option in the BIOS.
Unfortunately it doesn’t apply to this model, but Shuttle is adding “overclocking” options to the BIOS.

Shuttle XH61 build components I used:

Intel Core i3-2120 3.30ghz
4GB DDR3 1333 Memory (recommended amount to install Mac OSX) Add more when install is completed
Toshiba 500GB SATA II hard drive 2.5″
DVD RW Slim drive

Start the computer and get into the BIOS (hit the F1 key for setup)
Adjust the date and time
Make sure the SATA configuration is in ACHI mode (it was set to that by default)
Make your boot priority to boot from the DVD drive first (if you’re using a retail DVD)

Installing Mac OSX Snow Leopard:
Bridge Helper (for Sandy Bridge processor)
MultiBeast 3.10.1
Mac OSX 10.6.3 Retail disk
Upgrade combo 10.6.8

Insert iBoot disk and start the computer
When you get to the screen that shows the iBoot logo
remove the iBoot and insert the the Mac Retail disk, then press F5
This starts the install process
When you see the Mac Install DVD, press enter
Language screen comes up, select your language
When you get to the install screen, select Utilities/Disk Utility
Partition your hard drive to GUID Partition Table (this is default setting)
Format the hard drive to Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
Name it “Snow Leopard” or what ever you want
Close Disk Utility
When the installer asks where to install, choose Snow Leopard (or what ever you named it)
Next choose “Customize” at the bottom and uncheck the options (can be added later)
When the installation is complete, restart the computer
Put iBoot back in the DVD drive, to reboot
When you get to the boot selection screen, choose your new Snow Leopard installation, press enter
Go through the setup screens till you get to the Mac desktop screen

Now we need to install the Bridgehelper, MultiBeast and the 10.6.8 Combo upgrade
I have these on a USB flash drive and copied to the desktop

Do the Bridgehelper first (no reboot required)
Then install MultiBeast and check off the options:
System Utilities
-Drivers and Bootloaders
-Kext and Enablers
Realtek ALC887 driver (works)
3rd Party SATA
I didn’t check anything off
FakeSMC (required)
-FakeSMC Plugins
LnxMac’s RealtekRTL 81xx (works)
Boot Options
Instant Menu
-OSX86 Software
Kext Helper
Kext Utility
Show All Files

Now a reboot is required
You should now be able to boot from the hard drive, if all goes well
Now you can install the 10.6.8 Upgrade Combo (if using a processor with the HD3000 graphics)
Reboot again

Here are the problems I did have:

The processor I used has the Intel HD2000 graphics, which is not support by Mac yet. The graphics worked fine as long as I stayed with Mac version 10.6.3
Solution: Use a processor with the Intel HD3000 graphics, that is supported with the Mac OS X Lion.

The Toshiba hard drive I used for some reason wouldn’t install the Chimera, so couldn’t boot from the hard drive. It did boot fine using the iBoot disk.
Solution: Had to manually fix the boot drive and install Chimera.


The Shuttle XH61 works great with the right component selections.
CPU with the HD3000 graphics (for Snow Leopard 10.6.8 or Lion)
Different Brand hard drive (Toshiba was the only Brand I had in 2.5″, so couldn’t try another Brand)


7 Responses to Shuttle XH61 Hackintosh with Snow Leopard

  1. […] bios version and match to the dsdt file. See this link for a success w the tools –…-snow-leopard/ Of course you will need a Legal osx 10.6.0/3 DVD – white w a cat on the cover. Not grey!!!! Now […]

  2. Your hackintosh worked pre 10.6.8 because of the generic software video driver, and I suspect it would have continued with 10.6.8 if you gave the boot option of GraphicsEnabler=no, I have a XH61 running Lion with an Intel HD 3000 graphics i3 CPU, but it loses the VGA during boot.

    I think if I hook up the HDMI, I’ll get picture – I could see and interact via screen sharing. I’ll test the HDMI soon and let you know.

    • cinlortech says:

      Welcome Patrick! Thanks for the information, I’ll try it on the next
      build. Keep us posted on your progress with the HDMI.

      • Yep – hooked up HDMI – worked just fine. The only thing is my audio isn’t working, but i haven’t investigated further. I tried to create a DSDT, but it’s not compiling because of a weird error. If I get a proper DSDT for the system, I’ll let you know.

      • cinlortech says:

        Patrick, thanks for the HDMI update. A DSDT would be great for this system. BTW, what Brand hard drive did you use? Did you have any problems with booting from the hard drive?

  3. Jake says:

    I’ve been looking into discount Hackintoshing, and this is definitely one of the most interesting builds I’ve seen so far. However, since the XH61 is a barebones kit, anybody who’s considering an OS X install on it still needs to be rather familiar with what hardware is compatible and what isn’t.

    • cinlortech says:

      Hi Jake,

      You are correct about the hardware compatibility when installing Mac OSX on a PC.
      The XH61 model will have no problems running Mac, as long as you install Lion and
      the right processor with the HD 3000 integrated graphics. I actually built this PC for one
      of my customers that wants Windows on it. I just wanted to test the sound and lan card drivers
      to be sure they worked with the drivers included in MultiBeast, which they do. I also don’t have
      a copy of Lion as of yet, so tried it with Snow Leopard. I was surprised that the video worked at
      all with this processor only having HD 2000 graphics. As soon as I upgraded to 10.6.8 the video quit
      working. Curious, as to why it worked with 10.6.3 though.
      Anyway, thanks for your input and the link to the hardware compatibility site.

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