Ivy Bridge Support on the Shuttle SH67H3

Shuttle just released a BIOS update for Ivy Bridge support, but, only for the Version 2 motherboards.

Here is a link on how to identify your motherboard version.

Here is a link to the BIOS update version 201.

Unfortunately,  I have a “version 1” motherboard in my H3, so no Ivy Bridge upgrade on this one.

I’m checking with Shuttle to see if we can get the “Version 2” motherboard to upgrade the existing SH67H3 with the “Version 1” boards.  I’ll let you know what I find out, if anyone would like to go that route.

So, for those that have to have the latest and greatest Intel processors, this is definitely an update you want.

Just a quick reminder on how to update the BIOS on the SH67H3:

When you download the BIOS there are three folders.  The W32 and W64 folders have BIOS files as EXE and a DOS folder that has the BIOS as a ROM file that you would use with AFUWIN utility.

The EASIEST way in Windows:

Open the W32 or W64 (depending on your OS architecture) folder, right click the .EXE file and click “Run as Administrator”, if you don’t “Run as Administrator” you will get an error stating it “Can’t update the BIOS”.

It flashes the BIOS and reboots your computer and its done.


24 Responses to Ivy Bridge Support on the Shuttle SH67H3

  1. marcos says:

    Any chance the Pentium® Processor G2120 is supported sh67h3 on v1 motherboard ??

  2. I have V2 board and 202 broke ESXi boot. Hoping to find some info about power management or something that keeps it from booting. Frustrating as downgrading the BIOS seems to keep other things from working.

    • cinlortech says:

      Hi Joe – What version of ESXi are you running? What processor do you have? Is the problem a looping reboot, maybe you could give more specific details of the problem.

  3. gary butler says:

    I do have a V2 board. I will try again when (if) I upgrade to IB processor.

    • cinlortech says:

      Gary – Shuttle put out another BIOS update v. 202, updated uCode and modified the SMBIOS. Maybe, this will help with the Lion install??
      Let me know if it does or not.

  4. Gary Butler says:

    I am only able to boot from USB using the 201 bios. Changing back to previous version allows me to boot fine.

    Booting from USB, I tried many combinations of audio drivers, and OSX seems to respond the same as in the previos bios version.
    Only “working” with VooDoo 2.7.2.

    • cinlortech says:

      Gary – Unfortunately, Shuttle doesn’t support Mac, so they only test with Windows and maybe Linux. Lion doesn’t support Ivy Bridge unless you install the Bridgehelper. So, you might have to wait until you install an Ivy Bridge processor and the Bridgehelper. I’m not sure if Shuttle changed the chipset on the Verson 2 boards to a 77 or 79. I’ll ask Tech support about that.

      • cinlortech says:

        That’s correct, you can’t upgrade the Ivy Bridge Bios in a version 1 board, you must have a version 2 board. Did you ask about the upgraded Version 2 board there?

  5. gary butler says:

    I am dual booting Win 7 and am having no problem. I will try a fresh Lion install using only EasyBeast (if the Lion USB will boot).

  6. gary butler says:

    I have been unable to boot using this bios. I get a hard fail starting power management. I am using NullCpuPowerManagement, as I was with the previous bios. I do not know ehere to go from here, any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • cinlortech says:

      You might want to check through the BIOS to see if Shuttle changed any of the power mgmt. options.
      Will Lion boot in safe mode -x or verbose mode -v? Verbose mode should give an error message, that might help.

      You might try a fresh Lion install also. Without being able to see the new BIOS, I can’t guide you on that. Are you dual booting with Win 7? Does Win 7 work ok with the BIOS upgrade?

  7. gary butler says:

    i havent got around to playing with it yet. Hope to try tomorrow. Let you thwe results.

  8. gary butler says:

    it is HDEFaudio

  9. Gary Butler says:

    I have a version 2 mb and I flashed the bios with this update.
    Unfortunately, OSX Lion would not boot with the update. The boot fails after only a few lines in the verbose boot.
    The boot stops almost immediately and panics on keyboard entry

    • cinlortech says:

      I’m assuming you have an Ivy Bridge processor, there is a
      BridgeHelper 3.0 for Lion 10.7.3 for Ivy Bridge support you have to install. Here is a link to the instructions and download.

      • Gary Butler says:

        Thanks for the quick reply. No I do not have an Ivy, I was hoping the bios would be downward compatible with the SB and would improve the situation with my audio. I can only drive audio through the headphone jack and not through the HDMI connection.

        I have tried endless combination with Voodoo 2.7.2

      • cinlortech says:

        I stand corrected, Shuttle Tech support advised that you should be able to run an SB processor with the Ivy Bridge BIOS update.
        I don’t think the BIOS update is backward compatible. As long as you have it, can you check to see what the Audio option is in BIOS? Is it still Azalia or did they change it to High Definition (HDEF).

  10. NBH says:

    Thank you for the information. I only bought my SH67H3 in September 2011 and it has the V1 motherboard. I too would like to see how much it costs to get a V2 motherboard to future proof my system. I wonder what the difference is between the two? As far as I’m aware the V2 motherboard doesn’t support anything new as the product description for the SH67H3 remains the same as when I bought mine.

    • cinlortech says:

      NBH – The only difference in the V1 and V2 boards is the Ivy Bridge support. I believe that Shuttle is just starting to put out the H3/H7 barebones with the V2 motherboard now. I will let everyone know if they will sell the V2 boards separately and how much they will cost.

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