Shuttle XH61V – After BIOS update, computer won’t boot

If you’ve updated the BIOS and the computer won’t post/boot try to reset the BIOS.

Here is how to reset the BIOS on the XH61V:

1.)  Unplug the power cord

2.)  Remove the lithium battery from the MB

3.)  Hold in the power button for 30 seconds

Then put everything back together and boot up the computer, the new BIOS update will remain after the reset.

If your computer still doesn’t post after the reset, you can RMA the BIOS chip for a replacement with the newest BIOS.  To do this, you can go direct to Shuttle Tech Support or I would be glad to help out with the replacement.


9 Responses to Shuttle XH61V – After BIOS update, computer won’t boot

  1. mattspezzano says:

    My SH87R6 died when trying to update the BIOS 2.00. It stalled at 24% and my only recourse was to hard power down. Now it just won’t post. Even after trying the CMOS reset. I’ve contacted Shuttle, waiting to hear back.

    I’ve triedd removing all components and resetting. Still nothing. Any other tips?

  2. yann says:

    Well, I had this checksum problem yesterday for a XH61V (with i3-3225) system built several month ago for which I just noticed this bios update (same version as yours).

    Flashing process under windows 7 64 bits looked OK (even Checksum check by flasher), no applicative running as advertised and running from a fresh reboot… But after updater triggered restart, I noticed this checksum problem.

    As I have a double boot (seven+Debian 7 Linux) I immediately stopped boot process in the OS choice menu (GRIB boot loader) and triggered a restart from there to double check: Checksum was still KO and defalut bios loaded.

    As the machine was running correctly under the default bios (it’s lucky there is one!) I started seven to see if OS startup was stiill possible and tried to find some infos on the web for a few minutes… Having found no clues and no time to handle this problem immediately, I just shutdown the machine.

    2 hours later, I restarted and entered the bios: Doing so I noticed the bios date was the upgraded one and it seemed to run correctly.

    As I never entered this bios before, I changed 2 settings: One under CPU related tag (that seemed to handle a XP limitation not applicable to me as I run seven), another to set video memory for the integrated HD4000 to the max 512MB instead of defaults 64MB (I have 8GB DDR3 installed so giving half a GB to the video is not a problem).

    I don’t know if this is:
    -Long shutdown.
    -Several restarts.
    -Entering the BIOS (esc or F2).
    -Changing some settings then saving updated ones.

    Or a combination of these… but everything now works without anything to do on the MB to have the bios reset.

    But I won’t make tries to know what may have “broken up” this new bios.

    • cinlortech says:

      Hi Yann – When you update the BIOS, you will get a checksum error. Usually, all you have to do is fix the date and time in the BIOS and that fixes the problem. The date and time settings is on the first tab.
      Hope this helps.

  3. cola says:

    I update my XH61V yesterday with the newest “XH61V000.105” with Release Date:2013/05/03 Checksum:C433h.

    After I install this over my windows x64 I restart the computer and I became this error

    Version 2.14.1219
    BIOS Date: 05/03/2013 13:42:00 Ver: XH61V
    CMOS checksum error – defaults loaded.

    and the barbone dosen’t start… I cannot enter to the bios or do something. I try out your CMOS reset but dosen’t works.

    why you don’t use the jumper for the reset? I try also the jumper but dosent works… did you have any ideas?

    thx for your help

    • cinlortech says:

      Hey Cola

      I don’t know of any other way to reset the BIOS than what you’ve already tried. Shuttle has told me
      that if the BIOS doesn’t reset, the chip has to be RMA’d for a new one. I’m not sure where you’re located,
      I can help if you’re in the US.

  4. guy says:

    I have been searching everywhere and and did what you suggested to clear cmos. I have a brand new XH61V and it will not post. Push the power switch and it lights up the fan starts for about a 10th of a second, that’s it nothing. I have found few posts on the web and not solution. Any suggestions would be great otherwise I will be sending back to Shuttle but this seems to be an odd issue with something in the MB maybe

    • cinlortech says:

      Did you check that the CPU power plug is connected to the motherboard properly? Is the ICE cooling fan plugged into the motherboard?
      Just be sure all of your power cables are connected properly.
      Then check the memory, make sure they are seated properly. If you are using more than 1 stick of memory, try pulling one and see if it boots, then test the other one, maybe bad memory.

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