Update on the SZ87R6 inventory – Sold Out

The Early Release supply has sold out.

The next shipment has an ETA of 10/21/13 11/7/2013.

9/16 – Inventory update

The Z87’s aren’t selling as quickly as I thought they would, we still
have some in stock as of today.

9/12 – Inventory update

We shipped out more Z87’s today, we only have a few left.
Still not sure what the ETA is for the next shipment, but will advise when
we get the info.

9/11 – Inventory update

Surprisingly, we only shipped 2 – Z87’s yesterday, so we still have 5 in stock.

I’m still waiting on an ETA from Shuttle on the replenishment arrival.

After the sales we’ve already made this morning (9/10), we only have 7 left in stock.

I will keep you updated on our stock availability as we go through out the day.

I will also let you know what the ETA is when new stock will be available.


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