To start out, Shuttle PCs are the most innovative, stable, low power consumption, coolest running, quiet computers we’ve ever built. Which also means these computers are built to last.

By innovative I mean, the ICE and OASIS cooling technologies and the Power Supplies.

ICE cooling system
The idea is deceptively simple. Heat from the CPU (the system’s hottest component) transfers into a heatsink. The heat travels up a series of pipes and into an array of radiator fins screwed into the back of the chassis. A single, whisper-quiet fan mounted just behind this blows air through the fins, thus carrying the heat outside and away from the system. Every XPC uses this patented cooling technology to prevent heat damage and deliver some of the quietest computers in the world.

OASIS cooling system
Specially designed 3-part heat-sinks interconnected by convection cooling pipes covering the North Bridge, South Bridge and MOSFET modules effectively dissipate heat without the use for fans. Featuring all-new heat pipe designs, Shuttle OASIS allows users to enjoy longer component lifetime through lower temperatures and added system stability all in a silent operational environment.

Silent X Power Supply Units
The new power supply design is lighter than previous models yet increases the peak wattage to 400W in order to accommodate today’s more demanding components. Additionally, air vent design is newly optimized to prevent noise from air turbulence. The end result is a high-performance fan that outputs a mere 32 dB under a full system load. When running at a regular idle, the power supply is so quiet that you’ll need to put your ear up to it in order to make sure that the fans are working!
An ENERGY STAR qualified Shuttle PC uses 70% less electricity than computers without enabled power management features.

These 3 types of systems all built into the different models of the Shuttle computers makes these units very energy efficient and quiet running. Keeping the components cool helps keep the system running stable and longer lasting.

The P2 series uses both the ICE and OASIS cooling technologies to keep your high end Quad Core processors and Graphics cards running cool.

Let’s go GREEN America!

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  1. petersys says:

    It’s time for another build.
    Meanwhile I’m back (had to undergo two surgical operations) hacking the Shuttle barebones into new life.
    Do you remember when I said I have no metal workshop?.
    Almost the year has gone and I’m the owner of homebuilt cnc mill.
    This machine is capable of doing very nice work I never could do by hand anymore. So I assume now I have a little workshop.

    After fighting with the Intel board not going to sleep in OSX I switched over to the famous Gigabyte ITX series board H77N.
    This is almost the perfect contender for the OSX lovers.
    This board makes the little Shuttle a MacMiniHackmac.
    What do you can expect?
    I’m preparing the plans and tools to make the IO-plate backccover first.
    Following weeks I will try to manufacture a new frontplate from 5mm aluminum I already purchased month ago.

    Hope you enjoy the pics.
    Have a merry Christmas and a Happy new year.


    Oh yes. here are the pics.

    The new guy:

    the front prepared with FP-15 and cardreader:

    the back with H77N IO-ports:

    the plan for cnc milling the backcover plate:

    • cinlortech says:

      Hey Peter – You have been one busy guy, healing from surgeries and building a new tool shop. Looks pretty cool from your pictures.
      You know, on the newer model Shuttles you can put any motherboard you want in them, without all the mods. But, what fun would that be.
      Hope you have some great Holidays also.

  2. Peter says:

    I have some news today.

    Shuttle announced today (at least in Europe) the DS61. Shuttle’s latest barebone includes a industrial sturdy looking case housing a custom H61 chipset based mainboard. Two fans are sitting on top of the large heatsink. Very little spare room left inside.

    Shuttle marketeers calls it sleek and beatifully. Huh? I would call it one the most ugly cases Shuttle ever made. Anyway, if you like it you to power or control your cash drawer from one of the backside RS232/RS422/RS485 ports this is for you.

    Between I received a second Shuttle preowned mini case; pulled from ebay. This time it comes from a SV-25.
    Found it not to be in the best shape. I already cleaned it from dusty innards. Probably it will act as a donator for SV-24 casemod.

    Between the years I will be able to resume my 2.nd casemod project. Pics to follow on. 😉

    Have a nice time and and a merry Christmas.


  3. Hi,
    meanwhile I do prepare the design of the new frontplate incorporating the Silverstone FP85.

    First design:

    Have to refine it and make the complete design with tools from here: for international customers (US) for Europeans

    Attached the links to appropriate files for the IO-hole both sizes full and half hight (with mm grid) in case you like to cut the hole the matching size and right place ;-).

    If you have a suggestion please post it here.

  4. Hi,
    it’s the Shuttle SV-24.
    I prefered to start with the SV24.
    Dispite being disabled for a couple of weeks (following to an accident riding my bicycle) I made the cutout. Lend a powertool to make the rough cutout. Singlehanded I made a cutout a little to big.
    When all will basic works be finished I may make a new frontpanel and a plate to cover the holes too.
    My wife lend me a hand; so I made a little progress with the SV24.
    So enjoy the pics an stay tuned for more.

    Next step: fit in the Zalman CNPS7000 copper cooler.

  5. petersys says:


    Look what we have here.
    Found this little guy in my arsenal of salvaged parts.
    THIS is the master for all of the ITX-thing in the century.
    It was one of first if not the first ITX-case.

    Guess what?
    Put a modern ITX-mobo in it and you are done.
    Replace the old powersupply with a solution like the Intel thin ITX DH61AG or DB77BK plus external desktop powerbrick.
    hard times today. 😉
    What to prefer? Rework SB51G with metal work or simply give this cute guy the precedence?

    Since I can not edit this post I put all images in.
    Hope this will look good. Sorry if this looks ugly.

    • cinlortech says:

      petersys – No worries, I cleaned it up a bit for you. What brand is that ITX case? Did it come in that color or did you paint it?
      Yeah, those older model Shuttles weren’t built for other motherboards like they are now. Have to do a lot of case modding to get things to fit right.

  6. petersys says:

    good news today.
    New mobo and CPU arrived today. Intel ITX mobo with internal powersupply. Intel core i3 3225 with HD4000 graphics. Needed for using OSX without discrete graphics card, you know 😉

    Present here first pics for your pleasure.
    When I made noticable progress I will be back with the latest news.
    Since I’m not the craftsman nor do I have a metal workshop I will maked only the minimal needed cutouts.
    I found a position where the WALN-card fits the PCIe-port and the opening in the backplate as well.
    For users with greater demands, say dual slot cards there is mixed bad.
    You may position the the mobo as near as possible to outer left edge. You will gain 1 1/2 slot. Pics to follow later.

    SB51G with new DH61AG plus Core i3 3225

    mobo Intel thin ITX DH61AG

    Mob with IO-shield and WLAN card

    first try

    top view mobo middle position wlan top position backside

    back side view wlan in PCIe-port

  7. petersys says:

    product details found here:

    It’s an Shuttle XPC, ports connected as susual, for front and rear panel see the pictures.

    Menwhile I found some sources i.e. at
    I may try it with a GA-H67N-USB3.

    • cinlortech says:

      petersys – It looks like that MB is a Micro-ATX 254mm x 185mm. A Mini-ITX is 170mm x 170mm, hope those front panel wires/cables are long enough.

      I wanted to be sure you could connect the front panel ports with no problem to another motherboard. Sometimes Shuttle puts proprietary connectors on their boards for the front panel ports.

      Gigabyte is a good board for hackintosh.

      Let us know how it works out.

  8. petersys says:

    I have a SB51G laying around. It’s from 2001 and working!
    What’s your recommendation to change the mobo?
    I’m willing to do a slightly casemod. The case is roomy enough to host am mITX-board. Have to cut out the opening at the backside.
    Noisy ps-cooler already replaced with NoiseBlockerSilentFan.
    It would be a shame to trash this nice case.
    Better make it a small Hackintosh.

    • cinlortech says:

      Hey petersys – I’m not familiar with that model, does it have front panel ports? What are they? Motherboard would depend on that front panel for connections.

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