Securing your Computers for the Unknowing Consumers

Security Tips

It’s amazing to me, what people don’t know about keeping their computers free of malicious software and keeping their data files safe. There are numerous ways to do this with free or inexpensive software and a few inexpensive hardware components.

Tip #1

Anti-Virus Software is included when you purchase a new brand name computer, however, this software is only a “trial version” and will expire in 90 days or less. You then must purchase the license for the software, which is usually a 1 year subscription to keep the “virus definitions” current. Keeping the “virus definitions” current is very important, as they will help thwart the newest viruses that are created on a daily basis.
So, for those of you that think that just because you have Anti-Virus software on your computers, that has expired, and are still safe, are very wrong.

Now, current Anti-Virus software in very important to have but, no Anti-Virus on the market is 100%. It’s impossible for the Anti-Virus companies to keep up with all of the new and improved viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, malware that are being created and updated daily. It is a good idea to use a combination of Malware software and Anti-Virus software to help keep your computers clean and running at peak performance.

There is a free malware program called “Malware Bytes” that can be downloaded to your computer. In my experience, this software is the best at finding and removing malicious programs from your computer.

Tip #2

Backing up your files is also very important and can be done fairly inexpensively. Back up software is included in the Windows Operating System, or you can purchase Back up software at Retail or Internet stores. Next, you will need a place to back up your files off of your computer. External hard drives can be purchased in different sizes and for different prices. But, in my experience it is well worth the money. Especially, if you have important documents, spread sheets, family pictures, music, movies etc. that you would not want to lose, if you were to get a Virus or have some other kind of problem with the operating system that would cause a Repair Shop to have to perform a format and re-installing of the operating system to fix the problem.

These are just a few tips you can perform to help keep your computer running at peak performance and keep your computers out of the Repair Shop, where it will cost you twice as much money to be fixed.


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