Macbuntu links

November 12, 2011

Here are the links I used to create a Live Distribution of Macbuntu and install it.

To create a flash drive installation go to the Pendrivelinux website. Just follow all the instructions there, it was very easy.

This gives you the ability to run Macbuntu or what ever distribution you want on your PC to see how you like it before you install it on the hard drive.

I installed this on a Shuttle X50V2 model and amazingly it had all the drivers I needed for that model.
If you decide you want to install on the hard drive, there is an icon on the desktop that you can use to install it. The only thing you do have to do on the Shuttle X50V2 model is go into the BIOS and change the WiFi and Webcam to “always on” to get them to work. The setting for these are under the “Power Management” tab. Then I did have to download and install a Webcam software.

I’m going to try this on the Shuttle SH67H3 model to see how well it works on it. There are linux drivers for the Asmedia USB 3.0 chip and I’m sure the RealTek sound driver is there also.

I’ll post the results when I’m finished.


Alternative to Mac OSX – Macbuntu on Shuttle PCs

November 5, 2011

I just installed “Macbuntu” on a Shuttle X50V2 for a customer. What a cool OS, looks and works just like Mac OSX, but way more compatible with a PC. The touchscreen worked right after installation along with the WiFi, Video, USB and Sound. I had to install software for the Webcam, but worked perfectly.

You can download and install it on a flash drive, then boot from the flash drive and run a live session for testing on your PC before you install it on the hard drive. It has a “System Test” you can run to make sure all your devices are compatible and drivers loaded. You can add software or drivers if needed and install on the flash drive.
It comes with LibreOffice which is compatible with Microsoft Office. You can install a program called “Wine” to give you compatibility with Microsoft Office and other Windows based programs. There are all kinds of other programs you can install also. You can install Flash, which we know Mac OSX isn’t compatible with. Once Wine is installed and another program, you can even install the Windows based iTunes 10. There are lots of other programs you can install to sync your iPhone, iPod and iPad if you don’t want to use iTunes.

So, if anyone is interested in this OS, which would work very well on the SH67H3 and have working Sound and USB 3.0 and no kernel panics, I highly recommend it and will post all the links and instructions for you.

Shuttle X50 V2 All in One PC

March 27, 2010

The Shuttle X50 V2 is available and we added it to our website.

The new X50 V2 features the Intel Atom D510 Dual Core (Pinetrail) processor, up to 4GB DDR2 So-Dimm memory, Touch Screen, 4 USB ports, Card Reader, Web Cam/Mic. It has the integrated Intel GMA 3150 with a 400MHz core and 1366×768 display.

This is a “Fanless” build that uses the heat sink and thermal pads to keep it cool. So this PC is super quiet and dust-free. Plus, with an Energy Star 5.0 qualified power adapter, its even easy on your electric bill, drawing a mere 40 watts of power.

Shuttle X50 Training Video for Adding/Replacing Components

March 11, 2010

I’ve seen quite a few searches on how to change components in the Shuttle X50. I found this video, that shows and explains how to open the case and add/replace the hard drive and memory.

For the newbies doing this, be sure to keep the screws with the pieces you’re removing, to make it easier to put back together. It’s a pretty simple and straight forward process.

SHUTTLE Reveals Details on the New All-In-One and J Series Models

January 5, 2010

The 2010 SHUTTLE line-up of new all-in-one PCs and small footprint desktops, coming to the U.S. in late Q1 and early Q2, feature some of the latest, most powerful processors and graphics options available. “What’s really special about the new models for 2010, aside from the latest technology is that it’s got a whole lot of innovation inside that make it the most flexible small form factor desktop that we’ve ever created,” said Nicolas Villalobos, Manager at Shuttle Computer Group in Los Angeles, “We can’t say more until the start of the show, but it’s definitely going to make the day for Shuttle DIY aficionados.”


– The Re-Designed “All-In-One”
Processor: Intel® D510 (Dual-Core), Graphics: Intel® GMA3150

– The Entry-Level “J Series”
Processor: Up to Intel® Core2 Quad, Graphics: Intel® X4500

– The Mainstream “J Series”
Processor: Intel® Core i5 and Core i3, Graphics: Integrated in CPU

– The High-Performance “J Series”
Processor: Intel® Core i7, Graphics: Supports ATI CrossFire™ and NVIDIA® SLI™ Technology

Upcoming Models of Shuttle “J” series and All in One PC

December 25, 2009

Shuttle “J” series Models to be exhibited at the CES 2010:

  • SG41J1 – New Value Added model, an entry level system
  • SH55J2 – New Main Stream system
  • SX58J3 – New High Performance system

Shuttle All in One PC

  • X50 V2 – New Pinetrail processors – D410 and D510

Can’t wait to see the new re-designed chassis of the “J’ series models…

3rd Annual B.A.N.G. Business Showcase

September 20, 2009

We will be attending the “Bay Area Networking Group” Business Showcase on Oct. 1st, hours:  11 – 6:30 at the Bay Area Community Center.

We will be showing the Shuttle computers in an array of different uses, such as Gaming, Home Theater PCs and Business solutions.  We will also have information on the Cybernet All in One PCs.

We will be helping debute an exciting NEW way of Advertising for Store Fronts, which of course, involves a Shuttle computer.

If you live in the Houston/Galveston area come and visit us, admission is FREE.
There will be Food, Fun and Door Prizes.

The Bay Area Community Center is located at 5002 Nasa Rd 1, Seabrook, TX 77586.  (Across from Clear Lake Park, on Nasa Parkway)

Multiple Uses for All in One PCs

September 16, 2009

Besides Home use, the All in One PCs work well for the business industry also.

  • Medical Field  –  Hospitals, Doctor’s offices
  • Kiosk  –  Banking and Financial, Trade Shows
  • Business offices  –  Conference Rooms, Lobby
  • POS  –  Retail, Restaurants

These are just  a few examples of how they can be used as business computers.

All in One Computers

September 13, 2009

All in One computers are PCs with the actual computer built into the LCD monitor.  They have become very popular due to their space saving feature.  They come in different screen sizes from 15.6″ up to 24″.    The all in one computers can also be wall mounted for an additional space saving feature.  Shuttle has an all in one model the X50 and we also carry the Asus EEE Tops and Cybernet.  The Shuttle and Asus models are the less expensive, with the Intel Atom processors, 1 GB memory and 160 GB hard drives.  Neither model has a built in Optical drive, they have Touch Screens.   Now the Cybernet brand All in Ones are on the higher end and can be configured with the Intel Core 2 Duo and Quad Core processors, supports up to 4 GB of memory, larger hard drives and built in optical drives.

All the models of the All in One computers reduce the Energy usage by 50 to 70%.  They can be used in your home, or as business computers.

Visit our website for more information and pricing at