Update on the Hackintosh for the SH55J2

December 27, 2010

For those of you looking for the “iBoot” and “MultiBeast” to help install Snow Leopard on your SH55J2.

Go to tonymacx86 blog. This page has all the instructions and downloads for installing Snow Leopard on an x86 pc.
Of course, you will have to purchase the Mac OS X Snow Leopard Retail DVD.

They also have a link to compatible graphics cards for the Mac OS X (on the same page), which you need to consider before purchasing a graphics card. I have also posted the compatible graphics cards for the SH55J2, so you might want to do some comparison between the two lists.

More is on the way, so stay tuned.

Hackintosh on the SH55J2 successes!!

December 20, 2010

It seems the Hackintosh community has been able to successfully install Snow Leopard on the Shuttle SH55J2 model. The only problems they had was the network and audio drivers, which they found a solution to.
They say, it even boots without iBoot once Multibeast has been installed.

We’re going the check this out and I’ll post our results. I’ll also post the links to the network and audio drivers.

Stay tuned.