Alternative to Mac OSX – Macbuntu on Shuttle PCs

November 5, 2011

I just installed “Macbuntu” on a Shuttle X50V2 for a customer. What a cool OS, looks and works just like Mac OSX, but way more compatible with a PC. The touchscreen worked right after installation along with the WiFi, Video, USB and Sound. I had to install software for the Webcam, but worked perfectly.

You can download and install it on a flash drive, then boot from the flash drive and run a live session for testing on your PC before you install it on the hard drive. It has a “System Test” you can run to make sure all your devices are compatible and drivers loaded. You can add software or drivers if needed and install on the flash drive.
It comes with LibreOffice which is compatible with Microsoft Office. You can install a program called “Wine” to give you compatibility with Microsoft Office and other Windows based programs. There are all kinds of other programs you can install also. You can install Flash, which we know Mac OSX isn’t compatible with. Once Wine is installed and another program, you can even install the Windows based iTunes 10. There are lots of other programs you can install to sync your iPhone, iPod and iPad if you don’t want to use iTunes.

So, if anyone is interested in this OS, which would work very well on the SH67H3 and have working Sound and USB 3.0 and no kernel panics, I highly recommend it and will post all the links and instructions for you.


Update on the Shuttle SX58J3 Hackintosh

May 1, 2011

The new MultiBeast 3.5 now has support for the Marvel 8057 Ethernet controller that this model uses.
One of our readers has successfully installed Mac OS x Snow Leopard 10.6.7 on his SX58J3 and pointed out to me that the Audio is the Realtek ALC888 and not the ALC662 as I previously stated. So, the Audio driver for the Realtek ALC888 is readily available and I put a link to it in the post with the new MultiBeast download link for the SH67H3.

Shuttle SX58J3 Hackintosh

January 26, 2011

Installing Mac OS X Snow Leopard on the SX58J3 is going to be a problem due to the Ethernet driver not being available at this time. The J3 uses the Marvell 8057 Ethernet controller, which I haven’t been able to locate a driver for. You can install Snow Leopard using the same iBoot and Multibeast as with the SH55J2.
(Note: Don’t use the same Multibeast options in the screen shot I posted for the SH55J2)
An alternative would be to temporarily install a compatible PCI Ethernet card in the J3, until the driver becomes available.
The J3 uses a different Audio controller also, the Realtek ALC662. I’ll find the driver for it and post it here.