Shuttle SH87R6 Graphics card compatibility list

September 2, 2013

Graphics Cards that have been tested by Shuttle

Use the Power Supply Calculator to determine if you need to upgrade the Power Supply for your build to the PC63J 500W.

Recommended graphics card dimensions:  L-10.74″ (273) x H-3.85″ (98) x D-1.65″ (42)


Chipset vendor

Model number



AMD Radeon HD 6970 2GB



ASUS HD7970-3GD5



Asus EAH6870/2DI2S/1GD5



MSI R6790 2PM2D1GD5






MSI R7870 Twin Frozr 2GD5/OC









EVGA GTX770 2GB 02G-P4-2774-KR



MSI N460GTX Cyclone 1GD5/OC




Update on the Shuttle Haswell systems

August 31, 2013

First off, the Shuttle XQ87, Shuttle has decided not to make the XQ87 model.  I wasn’t told why they are not going to
make this model.  I’ll see if they have something else in mind for the Mini-PC series.

The SH87R6 model is available now at a price of $249.99 US dollars.

The release date on the SZ87R6 will be sometime in October for $339.99.

We have also partnered with GlobalShopex for shipping Internationally to 150 countries from our website.

Shuttle’s new Haswell systems

July 14, 2013

Shuttle is coming out with 3 new Intel Haswell systems, 1 – Mini-PC and 2 – Cubes.

Here are the Specs on the 3 new systems:

Mini-PC- 1.3 Liter

Shuttle XQ87

Intel Q87 platform
LGA 1150 Haswell 65W CPU
16GB Max DDR3 Memory
2.5″ HDD / Slim ODD bay
Intel VPRO/AMT Technology
Video output – HDMI & DVI-I
2-USB 2.0, 4-USB 3.0 ports
Dual GB Lan
HD Audio
VESA mount, Kensington lock support
90W power adapter


Shuttle SH87R6 – Now Available for $249.99

Intel H87 platform
LGA 1150 Haswell 95W CPU
32GB Max DDR3 Memory (4-DIMMS)
Intel Turbo Memory supported
Video output – HDMI & DVI-I
Power eSATA
1 – PCI-E x16 (Gen 2.0)
1 – PCI-E x4 (Gen 2.0)
SATA 6G Support
4 – USB 3.0 Ports , 2 x Front, 2 Rear
Mobile Device Fast Charge Feature
7.1 ch HD audio
Integrated ICE Heat-pipe
300W 80 Plus Power Supply

Shuttle SZ87R6

Intel Z87
95W Intel LGA1150 CPU
32GB Max DDR3 Memory (4-DIMMS)
Intel Turbo Memory supported
Dual Display – HDMI and DVI –I
4 – USB 3.0, 2 x Front, 2 x Rear
1 – PCI-E x16 (Gen 2.0)
1 – PCI-E x4 (Gen 2.0)
Mobile Device Fast Charge Feature
1 – MSATA PCI-E x16 (Gen 2.0)
1 – MSATA PCI-E x4 (Gen 2.0)
Integrated ICE Heat-pipe
7.1 ch HD Audio
500W 80 Plus Power Supply

None of these are available as of today, but stay tuned I will let you know when the release dates are.

Shuttle XH61V – After BIOS update, computer won’t boot

March 29, 2013

If you’ve updated the BIOS and the computer won’t post/boot try to reset the BIOS.

Here is how to reset the BIOS on the XH61V:

1.)  Unplug the power cord

2.)  Remove the lithium battery from the MB

3.)  Hold in the power button for 30 seconds

Then put everything back together and boot up the computer, the new BIOS update will remain after the reset.

If your computer still doesn’t post after the reset, you can RMA the BIOS chip for a replacement with the newest BIOS.  To do this, you can go direct to Shuttle Tech Support or I would be glad to help out with the replacement.

How to clear the CMOS for my Shuttle Computer and where is the button?

February 16, 2013

If you are having problems booting the computer or computer won’t post, you can usually solve the problem by clearing the CMOS.

Here is how to clear the CMOS:

Answer A:  Clear CMOS button is usually located on the back of computer.  A tiny hole located on the top left or bottom right depending on the model.

Answer B:  Before clearing the CMOS,

1. remove the power cord first,

2. insert one end of paperclip into hole,

3. hold the paperclip pushed in for 30 seconds,

4. plug the power cord back in and restart the computer,

5. press “DEL” on your keyboard to enter BIOS Setting,

6. select “Load Optimized Default” or “Load Default”,

7. press F10 to save and exit, done.

Once the computer posts and boots properly, you might want to go back into the BIOS and configure settings.


Shuttle rolls out its first low-energy NAS server OMNINAS KD20

October 9, 2012
Shuttle KD20 NAS Server

Shuttle 8 TB NAS Server

The Shuttle OMNINAS KD20 has two hot-swappable drive bays for up to 4 TB 3.5″ hard disks and SSDs. This gives up to 8 TB of storage capacity over a single network. Drives can operate in RAID-1 mode (mirroring, for high data security), RAID-0 (striping, for maximum speed) or as JBOD. In RAID-1 mode it is possible to swap a defective hard disk. The status of each hard disk can be monitored with the S.M.A.R.T. system.

At the front and rear of the machine are 1x USB 3.0 port, 2x USB 2.0 ports and a card reader for various types of SD memory cards. External hard disks, USB sticks and printers can be shared by any client connected to the network. With the “AutoCopy” function activated, data is copied automatically from USB media or SD memory card to the KD20. For additional data security, a connected USB device can be used for time-controlled backups of the data stored on the KD20.

The KD20 uses an energy-saving dual-core processor, which enables rapid read/write data transfer. Speeds of 75/55 MB/s (read/write) have been achieved under optimal test conditions. Energy consumption is a miserly 9 W in sleep mode and just 15.5 W in operation.

An integrated DLNA-compatible media server is able to provide videos, photos and music for playback on games consoles (e.g. Xbox 360, PlayStation) or other suitable media players. The KD20 also offers an iTunes server and BT download function.

All settings can be configured with an easy-to-use, multilingual user interface via Web browser. Users are also able to benefit from new functions and enhancements thanks to firmware updates from Shuttle.

Free OMNINAS apps for tablets and smartphones (iOS/Android) allow mobile access to content stored on the KD20.

Inside the KD20 NAS Server


The Shuttle OMNINAS KD20 NAS server will be available to U.S. customers at the end of this month for $229.99.

Shuttle SH67H3 Motherboard V2 (Ivy Bridge) is available

September 16, 2012

If you would like to upgrade your SH67H3 V1 with the V2 model motherboard for Ivy Bridge support, it is now available separately.  You can purchase it at our website for $99.99.

Shuttle SH67H3 V2 motherboard