How to clear the CMOS for my Shuttle Computer and where is the button?

February 16, 2013

If you are having problems booting the computer or computer won’t post, you can usually solve the problem by clearing the CMOS.

Here is how to clear the CMOS:

Answer A:  Clear CMOS button is usually located on the back of computer.  A tiny hole located on the top left or bottom right depending on the model.

Answer B:  Before clearing the CMOS,

1. remove the power cord first,

2. insert one end of paperclip into hole,

3. hold the paperclip pushed in for 30 seconds,

4. plug the power cord back in and restart the computer,

5. press “DEL” on your keyboard to enter BIOS Setting,

6. select “Load Optimized Default” or “Load Default”,

7. press F10 to save and exit, done.

Once the computer posts and boots properly, you might want to go back into the BIOS and configure settings.


Shuttle X50 Training Video for Adding/Replacing Components

March 11, 2010

I’ve seen quite a few searches on how to change components in the Shuttle X50. I found this video, that shows and explains how to open the case and add/replace the hard drive and memory.

For the newbies doing this, be sure to keep the screws with the pieces you’re removing, to make it easier to put back together. It’s a pretty simple and straight forward process.