Mac OSx/Lion on the Shuttle X50V2

November 20, 2011


You can install Mac Lion 10.7.3 on the Shuttle X50 V2 (Plus)

There is a Lion Atom kernel that can be downloaded from here.

After you purchase Lion from Apple via their USB or from the Apple store.

You can create a Lion installer USB by using UniBeast, download here and follow these instructions.

Once you have the USB Lion installer done, you will have to copy the mach_kernel_atom.10.7.1.bz2 that you downloaded from above to the root of the Lion USB installer.

Next, you will have to edit the org.chameleon.boot.plist to include the following:


<key>Kernel Flags</key>
<string>arch=i386 npci=0x2000 PCIRootUID=1</string>


<key>Instant Menu</key>

<key>Legacy Logo</key>




This must be done on the Lion USB installer first.

Now, go back to the installation instructions above and follow those to install Lion.

Once Lion is installed, install MultiBeast and install either EasyBeast or your DSDT.
(I have a client that has an X50 V2 running Ubuntu, so am going to try to get them to make a DSDT for this system.)

Now move the mach_kernel_atom.10.7.1 to the root of the target system and make the same changes to the org.chameleon.Boot.plist as were made before. (I’m not sure why this has to be done twice, I would think it could be copied from the UniBeast USB drive)

Now you can run the 10.7.3 Update Combo.

Remove the UniBeast USB drive and reboot to the hard drive.

Installation complete.

Important Note:

I have not tried this install as of yet, so not sure on the drivers for the WiFi, Web Cam, Card Reader and Audio.
I’m also not sure the Touch Screen will work natively.

Be sure to follow all instructions carefully and have fun.  Please report back with successes or problems.  I will try to help
as much as I can with any problems.




Apple quit supporting the Atom processor in version 10.6.2, so you would need version 10.6.1 to install Mac on the X50V2. I couldn’t find that version on Apple’s website to purchase and download, so not sure how to get it. If anyone knows where to get a legal copy, please let me know.

As I stated in an earlier post, you can install Macbuntu on the X50V2 and I’ve posted links to download Macbuntu.


Macbuntu links

November 12, 2011

Here are the links I used to create a Live Distribution of Macbuntu and install it.

To create a flash drive installation go to the Pendrivelinux website. Just follow all the instructions there, it was very easy.

This gives you the ability to run Macbuntu or what ever distribution you want on your PC to see how you like it before you install it on the hard drive.

I installed this on a Shuttle X50V2 model and amazingly it had all the drivers I needed for that model.
If you decide you want to install on the hard drive, there is an icon on the desktop that you can use to install it. The only thing you do have to do on the Shuttle X50V2 model is go into the BIOS and change the WiFi and Webcam to “always on” to get them to work. The setting for these are under the “Power Management” tab. Then I did have to download and install a Webcam software.

I’m going to try this on the Shuttle SH67H3 model to see how well it works on it. There are linux drivers for the Asmedia USB 3.0 chip and I’m sure the RealTek sound driver is there also.

I’ll post the results when I’m finished.