Shuttle XH61 Lion

March 21, 2012


I built another XH61 for Lion testing, used the i3-2125 with the HD 3000 graphics.  I installed 8GB of memory and used a Seagate 500GB HDD.

I created the UniBeast USB installation drive per the instructions here.

Creating the USB drive and the Lion install went smoothly, this was a fresh installation.

Downloaded MultiBeast 4.3.0 and Chimera 1.80 standalone and copied to another USB drive.
First choices in MultiBeast are:  “EasyBeast” and then under “System Definitions”, chose the “Mac Mini”.

EasyBeast will include the bootloader Chimera 1.80 to enable booting from the hard drive, plus the rest of the files needed.

The “Mac Mini” option will enable the ports for the HD 3000 graphics, so you can use the VGA or HDMI ports.

Here is where the 1st problem starts, when booting from the hard drive, I got the “boot0 error” and why I downloaded the Chimera 1.80 standalone.  To fix the boot0 error, I had to copy the “boot1h” file from the standalone Chimera to a USB drive.  Here is the link with the instructions on how to do the rest of this.

When you install EasyBeast which includes the code to enable the graphics.  “GraphicsEnabler=Yes”.  So when you boot from the hard drive you will have to disable the graphics enabler.  On the “boot” line type in “GraphicsEnabler=No”.
Once it has booted up, go to /Extra and edit the “64-bit org.Chameleon.boot.plist” file.  Find the line that reads GraphicsEnabler, the 2nd line “Yes” and change it to “No”, then close the file.

Once you do this, it will boot from the hard drive, then you can open MultiBeast again and install the Lan driver.  I used the LnxMac Lan driver.  This worked fine.

The next driver I installed was for the Audio.  I tried the Realtek ALC8xx with the ALC8xxHDA, AppleHDA Rollback and Non-DSDT HDA Enabler.  Under the Non-DSDT HDA Enabler, I checked the ALC887/888b option.  Make sure that is the only one checked.  This driver did not work, “No Devices Found” in the “Sound and Midi” setup.  It does show correctly in the System Info.  There must be something that I just haven’t found yet, that is blocking the sound.  I will keep working on it though.

I did try the VoodooHDA driver but, it made the system unbootable.  I will try the older versions to see if I can get the sound working with it.

After I got everything fixed and working, I installed the 10.7.3 combo update.

So far, everything works except the Audio.