Shuttle SH55J2 Hackintosh

January 18, 2011

We have tried and successfully installed MAC OS X Snow Leopard v10.6.5 on a SH55J2.

Initial specs we used in the J2 are:
Intel Core i3-540 Clarksdale
4 GB Super Talent 1333 memory
Nvidia GeForce 7200 GS graphics card
Western Digital 160GB 7200 hard drive

We started out with minimal components for testing purposes.
No DSDT were available for this model, so used the “Easybeast”.
No additional drivers needed for the Graphics Card we chose.
The Ethernet driver we posted a link to in an earlier post worked perfectly and the sound with the Realtek ALC8xxHDA option in Multibeast.

We did use the upgraded version of 3.0 on the Multibeast.