Update on the Shuttle Haswell systems

First off, the Shuttle XQ87, Shuttle has decided not to make the XQ87 model.  I wasn’t told why they are not going to
make this model.  I’ll see if they have something else in mind for the Mini-PC series.

The SH87R6 model is available now at a price of $249.99 US dollars.

The release date on the SZ87R6 will be sometime in October for $339.99.

We have also partnered with GlobalShopex for shipping Internationally to 150 countries from our website.


One Response to Update on the Shuttle Haswell systems

  1. […] The Shuttle SZ87R6 (pdf here – page 4), it's going to be released in October according to this post – it's socket 1150 (Haswell). Pop 32GB in and a i7-4770 into it and it'll last you a few years, at […]

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