Shuttle SH67H3 version 2 motherboard upgrade

If anyone is interested in getting the new Version 2 motherboard that supports the Ivy Bridge processors here is what Shuttle is doing:

Fee: upgrade fee will be $40.00 (shipping not included, customer has to handle sending in and ship out cost)


  1. Customer has to call our tech support for a case# at 1-626-820-9000. Then customer has to apply for a RMA# on our website using the case# that they get from our tech support.  Link to RMA page.
  2. Our RMA department will issue a RMA# for customer to return V1 MB (MB must be returned in good condition, no physical damage will be accepted).
  3. After received customer’s return board, we’ll charge $40 + shipping then ship out V2 board to customer.

This info is for Shuttle in the United States.

Not a bad price for an Ivy Bridge motherboard, even with shipping costs both ways.
Only bad thing is you’ll be without your machine for a week or so.


9 Responses to Shuttle SH67H3 version 2 motherboard upgrade

  1. […] discovered that Shuttle would trade in your v1.0 board for a v2.0 board for $40. Instructions here at Cinlor Tech’s blog if you’re interested in doing this yourself. Note that you can request the case number […]

  2. Torsten says:

    Hi All,

    focusing the issue with the rev.2 boards in GERMANY for some time period right now. After asking Prices at certain GERMAN Dealers I did the following;

    – I wrote an email to the German shuttle Support located in Elmshorn.

    – explained the Situation and the procedure in the US with RMA .e.g

    – after very short time I got an invoice from Elmshorn and a RMA

    – transfered the money, sent the OLD WORKING BOARD

    – after THREE days I received a working rev2. board 🙂

    – btw this is what is called real customer Service 🙂



    • cinlortech says:

      Hi Torsten,
      Thanks for posting, that’s great news.
      It seems that Shuttle has been focusing on improved Customer Service lately. They have started sending Customer Satisfaction Surveys out to help improve their Customer Service. So, be sure and tell them your experience good or bad.
      It’s a win-win, great “Products” and great “Customer Service”.

  3. […] To give credit where credit is due please let me link to my source of this information: CinLor Tech […]

  4. Sebastian says:

    Now my board isn’t running any more and I couldn’t found the issue. Is it able to replace the mainboard. I think here in europe the shuttle service will not longer support mainboard which will get damage after the garantie. But I dont want to buy a new case and mainboard to get an new mainboard.
    What is you expierence in US with the RMA?

    • cinlortech says:

      Hey Sebastian – Which Shuttle model do you have? Some of the models have a 3 year Warranty on them.

      I’ve never had to RMA a motherboard, so no experience here. I can get most of the motherboards for “past warranty” replacements but, only for US customers.

  5. Sebastian says:

    Thanks for that info, but where is the reference on the shuttle homepage that they really want to change it. May i will try it in Europe, so it will help me their is any official note from Shuttle. Thanks Sebastian

    • cinlortech says:

      Sebastian – I received this information from my Sales Rep and Tech support people here in the US. Being a reseller we are privy to information before it’s publicly announced. You might try calling Tech Support in Europe or a local reseller for information.

      • Sebastian says:

        The tech support in Germany said that there is no way to upgrade the version 1.0. May I try ask shuttle in US if they will enhance their offering of an upgrade in Europe. If not it , it will be very bad for me and I can directly resell my mainboard of the SH67H3.

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