Shuttle XH61 Lion v. 10.7.4

I just updated to Lion version 10.7.4 on my XH61 with no problems.
Didn’t have to reinstall any kexts.

6 Responses to Shuttle XH61 Lion v. 10.7.4

  1. Jason says:

    Hey, great blog on the XH61, I followed your steps and have a working system! I updated to Lion 10.7.4 but Sleep still does not seem to work for me, when I put it to sleep the screen goes blank but the machine just hums away as if nothing happened. Any tips are appreciated! Thanks!

  2. Brian says:

    Thanks for all of your hard work! I appreciate the frequent updates and all the info. I’m looking forward to getting my xh61. 🙂

    • cinlortech says:

      Hey Brian – It’s nice to be appreciated. You’ll like the XH61, of all the Shuttle models for Mac this one is the best so far. Everything works with Easy Beast, except of course sound, but there is a kext for that. Sleep even works on this one. If you are connecting with a VGA just disable the graphics enabler. Connect with HDMI for full HD resolution, enable graphics. If you need any help just post a comment and I’ll help you out.

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