Internal Mini PCIe WiFi card for the XH61V & SH67H3 models

Shuttle has tested and recommends these 3 Mini PCIe WiFi cards for the SX79R5, SZ68R5, SH61R4, SH67H3, SA76R4 and the XH61V models:

1.  Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235  WiFi and Bluetooth

2.  Intel Centrion Advanced-N 6230  WiFi and Bluetooth

3.  Realtek RTL8191SE  WiFi only

Mini PCIe Internal WiFi card kit

These were all tested with Windows 7 only.     We will have to test compatibility with Mac Lion, Mountain Lion.
If anyone knows if drivers for these cards are available for Lion and Mountain Lion, please let us know in a comment.


4 Responses to Internal Mini PCIe WiFi card for the XH61V & SH67H3 models

  1. juha viljanen says:

    Interesting device, but how about the linux drivers for this Internal Mini PCIe WiFi kit?
    From the manuals I understood only Windows is supported.

  2. WeeboTech says:

    Great info, Thanks for posting.
    Where can you get the whole mini pcie kit for these cards?
    Seems like you can only purchase the mini pcie card itself.

    • cinlortech says:

      Well, I can get the Realtek kit from Shuttle. Have it on my website
      under “Shuttle Accessories” if you want to order one. Other wise,
      you have to order the card and the antennas separately.

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