How to update the BIOS w/DOS for the SH67H3 V2 Ivy Bridge

I’ve noticed that some people are having problems updating the BIOS on the SH67H3 V2 model, so here are some instructions that should help.

Create a DOS bootable Flash drive:

You are going to need the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool:
(NOTE: click “PRIMARY DOWNLOAD SITE” to download this utility.)

You will need Windows 98 System Files to be able to boot in DOS:
(NOTE: click “PRIMARY DOWNLOAD SITE” to download this folder.)

Be sure to extract all the Win 98 boot files.

Insert your flash drive and open HP USB utility (should automatically detect the flash drive)

Under “Format Options” select:

1.  Quick Format
2.  Create a DOS start up disk
click the radio button to select “using DOS system files located at”
browse to the folder with the extracted Win 98 boot files

Then click “Start”

Once the format is complete, download the latest BIOS update from here

Extract the folder and open the DOS folder

Copy those files to the bootable flash drive you just made.

Now, start the computer and enter the BIOS to change your first boot device to the Flash drive.

It should now boot to a DOS prompt.

At the C:\

Type: flash

This should automatically flash the bios.

The system should be rebooted, enter the BIOS again to change the first boot device back to your hard drive.  Check all the settings in the new BIOS, ie date and time, etc.

If you have any questions, post it in the comments and I’ll be happy to help.

Hope this helps.


13 Responses to How to update the BIOS w/DOS for the SH67H3 V2 Ivy Bridge

  1. John says:

    Ok, I got it. I found an article that said if the RAID controller was disabled it may not ID the board properly so I did a Load BIOS Defaults and that did the trick. It flashed and all is well.

    I had thought of that but since I never seen that problem before I dismissed it and it cost me over an hour of time. I hope this helps others. Thanks for the help.

  2. John says:

    Hi, I am looking at my board and followed all of the instructions I can find including yours and Shuttle Global and Shuttle Europe. Everything is fine until it says “Not a V2 board” and I know it is, it says FH67 V2.0 right on it.

    I’ve flashed tons of boards and devices and am stumped why it says it’s not the right board. If it just didn’t boot to USB I could figure that out but it’s lying to me. Any idea why? And yes, I am absolutely sure it is a V2 and I’m trying to flash BIOS 206.

  3. Bogdan says:

    Hi, I have the same problem as Jonathon, I can not see anything on the screen and does not turn the pc. I have installed an I5-3470T and not start anything. Can you help me?

  4. JARVII says:

    I mounted V1 SH67H3 i3 microprocessors, all perfect., Resets except keyboard and mouse USB ports.

    SH67H3 V2, V201 Bios acquired for testing the i3-3225 HD4000, uprooting computer perfectly, resets continues the keyboard and mouse, computer more unstable and random errors, all resolved with updated drivers to latest version. Behind them two of them V202 BIOS upgrade to work perfectly.

    SH67H3 V2; Bios V202 (factory), with i3-3225 micro everything perfect until several days longer give picture proof that component seems to be not working properly, and to try another micro i3-3225 the team again given image, until spends several days and this second i3-3225 returns to do the same as the first image does not (nor even for hdmi dvi).

    Why the v201 version if proper activation function even upgrade to V202 and V202 will not work with the factory?

    • cinlortech says:

      JARVII – What OS are you installing on these? How many H3’s do you have? So, some are working and some or one isn’t? Do you have the proper settings in the BIOS?

      • JARVII says:

        1) In principle every taste with Xp 32bit

        2) Have … a few …. because of that I can compare them, because I imagine that he has only one little evidence can do.

        3) That is, some are working and take months, and new in a week stop giving image.

        4) I have learned that shuttle is useless in the BIOS adjust anything, just reseteandolos end with the back button, so yes, I usually do the testing in IDE mode.

        By the way thanks for answering first, and second because you did the stick to update the BIOS, because the pdf file information to update the page leaves much to be desired, like having to update it in DOS mode.

  5. Jonathan Osborn says:

    Ive got an SH67H3 that has been giving me nothing but headaches. I can’t even post to the BIOS. I’ve returned the SH67H3 once already and got a new one. I bought 1 stick of the Patriot 8Gb RAM that shuttle recommends and tried all 4 slots. I even RMA’d the i5 ivy bridge CPU (3570K) and got a new one with no change at all. What am I missing?? It’s got to be something simple but I don’t know what it is. Shuttle said at a bare minimum I need 1 stick of RAM and the CPU to be able to post to the BIOS. I’ve got my monitor hooked up to the onboard DVI connection and also tried the video card (both DVI ports). I’ve pulled the CMOS battery and put back in. Is it possible it’s dead on both SH67H3 PC’s?? Thanks for any help.

    • cinlortech says:

      Jonathan – I highly doubt 2 could be bad, I’ve never had a problem with SH67H3. Let me ask a dumb question, is this a Version 2 motherboard? A Version 1 motherboard won’t take an Ivy Bridge processor. If you look at the board on the opposite side of the power supply, it will show if it’s a Version 1 or 2. If it is a Version 1 board, that is the problem, it will only take a Sandy Bridge processor. Where did you purchase the SH67H3? Also, if it is a Version 2 board, did you upgrade the BIOS to version SH67H000.202?

      • Jonathan Osborn says:

        I’m positive that both of the SH67H3’s were v2 MB’s. I got both of them from Fry’s Electronics and had them open up the box to verify the motherboard version before I even purchased them. I’m at a loss right now. I’ve tried 2 cases, 2 CPU’s, 2 types of RAM, 2 different monitors, 2 different DVI cables, and switched between the onboard video and video card with no luck. I’m gonna go out an buy a new CMOS battery as the last resort, but after that I don’t know where to turn. Thanks for the help.

      • cinlortech says:

        Jonathan – You didn’t mention if you flashed the BIOS? Use the DOS version per my instructions. Also, you might try a Sandy Bridge processor for testing purposes. Did you actually see the “ver 2” printed on the motherboard? Frys’ website doesn’t show the SH67H3 V2 model, only the V1. Just seems weird to me to have 2 cases that don’t post, when I’ve purchased/sold hundreds of Shuttles and had no problems with them.

      • Jonathan Osborn says:

        I didn’t order it from Fry’s online, I have a store about 30 minutes away. That’s where I had them open up the box and visually verify that the MB was printed as version 2.0. Both of the SH67H3’s were V2.0 MB’s. I can’t flash the BIOS because I can’t see anything on the screen. I followed your instructions to the letter. I made my flash drive DOS bootable, copied the the files from shuttle onto the drive (BIOS version 202), then plugged the flash drive into one of the USB ports and turned on the PC. I get nothing on the screen, it just goes to sleep mode on the screen. No cursor, no BIOS displayed, nothing. I guess I could just let it sit for awhile and then type flash and see what happens, but I would assume I should see a screen with a cursor or even the BIOS, correct??

      • cinlortech says:

        Jonathon – You might want to reset the CMOS for BIOS to be sure that you have a good configuration. With the computer unplugged from the wall, use a paperclip to insert it into the recessed CMOS clear button on the back of the computer. Press the button for about 10-seconds, then release it. Apply power again, then reboot.

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